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About the Babble Team

Babble grew out of the success of a number of events management projects. These events built strong brands, loyal customers and engaged communities.

Joanne McErlain

Babble Marketing Director

Joanne has over 20 years of experience in specialist sales, marketing and business development for SME businesses. She also has extensive experience working in the public sector with local councils on economic revitalisation projects.

She is highly skilled in creating collaborative partnerships and relationships that can be utilized to grow your business. She also brings a wealth of experience in branding and creating narratives to position businesses in the marketplace.

With an MSc in Business Development & Innovation, she brings the latest insights and research to Babble’s consulting service.

Joanne is a passionate supporter of local business, communities and business recovery. She also has a proven track record in delivering highly commended food fairs and markets.

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Jilly Dougan of Yellow Door

“I trust Joanne implicitly. She has our best interests at heart and works with us to build our brand. Her dedication, organisation and drive are second to none.”

Giving you access to an extensive network of talent to take your business to the next level

Have you been wondering how to take the next step, or feel like your brand isn’t delivering?

We draw on a wealth of consultants and experts to help you deliver your vision.

You can get on with the day-to-day running of your business while we put together the right team of exceptional graphic designers, web developers, copywriters and business mentors you need.

Ready to benefit from our network and experience?  Chat with us about Babble Branding and where we can take your business.

Sourcing you exceptional local producers for your market or event

Want to offer a branded artisan market experience? Babble Events develop markets with a community-ethos. We source reliable local and award-winning producers that will amplify your brand identity.

With a proven track in delivering exceptional events, we activate areas and build pride in place.

Ask us about Babble Events and how we can set up a market for your brand or town today.

Providing you access to the best business minds to create an effective strategy for growth

Not sure how to grow your business?

We’ll work with you to develop a strategic approach to growing your business. Develop your leadership skills, strengthen your team or optimise the management of your resources. Or let us work with you to exploit new opportunities, diversify or enter new markets. We give you confidence and connect you with the skills you need.

Ask us about Babble Business and our mentoring programme.

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