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Babble is a marketing agency and network of business specialists in branding, food marketing, business strategy and events management. We are passionate about helping you strategically grow your business.

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Confused brand?


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No marketing strategy?


Lack of time to do your own marketing?


Need expertise to scale your business?

Create a strong brand with effective marketing

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Our digital brand agency is passionate about helping you to build your confidence to make decisions and to develop the skills to grow your business.

Our network of business specialists in marketing, strategy and events management are here to support you. Let us equip you so you can achieve MORE for your business.

Babble can help you

reimagine, innovate and grow

Babble Events

Start creating a buzz in your community

Branded boutique and artisan markets that boost footfall and strengthens community.


Babble Business

Find your road to success with Babble coaching

Innovative business consultancy services to help you develop a winning strategy.

Babble Branding

Let’s get people talking about you

Effective branding, marketing, and social media  that develops loyal customers and solid sales.

A digital brand agency that sees your potential

We can help you create a strategy that will fit your needs. Coupled with our entrepreneurial energy, passion and expertise we can help drive you to achieve more for your business.

Who are team Babble?

Our digital brand agency and business mentoring service will help you not only focus on your business strategy but also help you execute it.

Joanne McErlain


Joanne founded Babble to be a digital marketing agency with a difference. Built on her passion for business, she offers you a wealth of knowledge to get people talking about your brand.

Joanne works tirelessly to find the story that will help propel your business, connect with customers and create an event that is adored by traders and the community. With a passion for food marketing and food markets, she can help put your community on the map or elevate your brand.

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Pauric McGowan, PhD

Business Mentor and Strategic Marketing Consultant

Pauric got his first taste for marketing and selling in the family retail business in Newry, County Down and both have been his passion over four decades as a business educator and practitioner. Coming from a small business family background Pauric is particularly committed to supporting entrepreneurial owner managers of small to medium sized enterprises, as well as those keen to establish a new business.

Pauric has worked with entrepreneurs across different sectors to develop their competencies and their confidence to lead their businesses through different stages of development and growth. He is especially effective in helping owner managers to formulate and implement their strategic business ambitions.

He is a Distinguished Business Fellow of the Ulster University. This is in recognition of his work at the interface between the business practitioner community and the University. He is also a Fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, a Fellow of the Higher Education Association and a Fellow of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, (ISBE). He was recently awarded the title of ‘emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development at Ulster University Business School.

Pauric has been involved in entrepreneurship education, training and mentoring for over 30 years, as a member of the Northern Ireland Small Business Institute and in his role as Director of the Northern Ireland Centre for Entrepreneurship.

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Connecting you to a network of trusted experts

Let us connect you to the right people.

We’ll source the right people and skills you need to propel your business. Our branding and digital marketing agency can source designers, copywriters, developers, event planners, and mentors.

Let us provide you with an outsourced strategy and marketing team that propels your growth to the next level.

Who we’ve worked with

It can be hard taking that first step to trusting others to tell your story or manage your event, but we are on your side. We work to understand your vision and work tirelessly to help you make it a reality.

We’ve been trusted by the following businesses across Northern Ireland and Ireland to create a buzz about their brand and market events people babble about!

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